XLOCATE is the essential vehicle tracking, resource location and asset management solution for business professionals

Key Features

Global Solution

Our tracking and location services cover the UK, Europe and World

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Multi Network

Works with GPRS, TETRA and Private Business Radio networks

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Multi Vendor

Mix and match equipment from different vendors on the same system

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Business Radio

Locate users with TETRA, P25, or analogue or digital business radios

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Hand Portable Radio


Track staff and users with SmartPhones from major vendors

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High performance web based applications deliver speed and efficiency

Live Feed

Connect real-time data feed to back-office systems for an integrated solution

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Flexible Reports

Standard and custom reports to allow maximum benefit from your data

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Replay movements and analyse data for post incident investigations

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Data Archival

Long term storage of data for analysis and off-site backup

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Add SatNav, two-way messaging or mobile data despatch applications

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Software-as-a-Service for efficiency and minimum cost of ownership

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100% Uptime

Enterprise class solution with high availability and guaranteed uptime

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Strong encryption protects your data during transmission and use

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Around the clock support for business-critical applications

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See how Xlocate can work for you

Your people and vehicles are your greatest assets. Select from these highlights to see how others use Xlocate to enhance the capacity of each and every resource, improve responsiveness and reduce costs.

Fire & Rescue Services

XLOCATE provides a low-cost and low-risk solution for tracking appliances, vehicles and officers without having to wait for national projects. See how you could improve efficiency as an Xlocate user.

Local Authority & Councils

Improve efficiency of your services and operations by adding vehicle and staff location services to your existing private radio network with low running costs.

XLOCATE lets you Locate, Manage and Control resources for Greater Efficiency

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Improve Productivity

Xlocate provides an effective way of locating, managing and controlling resources to improve efficiency and service delivery and produce significant cost savings

greater efficiency

XLOCATE is your essential asset tracking tool that's Fully Dependable

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High Reliability & Availability

Built on resillient technology and the result of over 15-years of providing solutions to mission-critical emergency service users, Xlocate provides the highest possible level of reliability.

Xlocate allows you to improve compliance and be more Accountable

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Prove Compliance

Xlocate securely stores every piece of tracked asset data at the Xlocate centre. Using the sophisticated and flexible Xlocate Report tools, maintaining accountability is simple and automatic.

XLOCATE is a universal solution that supports Multiple Networks

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Multiple Technologies

Xlocate works with your chosen network technolgy and existing wireless devices, or as an all-in-one managed service using Xlocate provided trackers and bundled air-time. Or a mixture of both - you decide!

XLOCATE is your single solution because it is Highly Adapatable

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Flexible and Customisable

Xlocate supports a wide range of devices and technologies and applications due to its modular design and ability to add custom features.

XLOCATE is a fully supported and delivered as a Managed Service

Managed Solution

Xlocate service includes support and back-up, so keeping up with map data changes, fleet allocations, new features and security procedures are all handled for you within the service.

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