XLOCATE Online Asset Tracking and Management Solution

Xlocate is the managed service solution for vehicle tracking, workforce location and asset management that is cost effective, flexible and expandable. Delivered over the internet as a high-integrity web-based service, Xlocate is both reliable and efficient.

Managed Service

XLOCATE is provided as an end-to-end managed service, taking the headache out of dealing with different suppliers and provides built-in support from a single source


XLOCTE works with a wide range of communications networks including the option of bundled GPRS service, TETRA, Trunked Radio (MPT1327) and Digital PMR.

XLOCATE is the result of over fifteen years experience in the delivery of monitoring and tracking solutions. It combines best-in-class vehicle and resource tracking products with the latest web and real-time event-driven communications technologies to deliver the highest quality of service.

XLOCATE supports all commonly used devices and communications technologies including vehicle tracker units as well as smartphones. It also supports business radio users including Trunked radio, TETRA and digital PMR

XLOCATE provides true real-time monitoring of mobile assets and provides an audit trail of every journey undertaken by manpower and vehicle resources. XLOCATE's Replay and Report facilities provide powerful online analysis tools.

Global Solution

Our tracking and location services cover the UK, Europe and World

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'Because Xlocate is provided as a managed service, we no longer have to provide our own on-site equipment or in-house expert support personnel.'

IT Manager

English Fire Service