Developer APIs

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow software developers to interface with the Xlocate service and receive real-time location and status updates from resources and integrate location data in to customer applications and back-office systems.

Your back-office system connects via a secure connection over the Internet to the Xlocate servers and receives data in one of two standard formats - the Simple Vehicle Location Protocol (SVLP) or the XML Resource Location Protocol (XRLP).

The Simple Vehicle Location Protocol (SVLP)

SVLP is ASCII text formatted data with position records with easy to use, comma separated variables that include identity (callsign), date & time, latitude, longitude, altitude, spead, heading, status, reason for report and position quality.

The XML Resource Location Protocol (XRLP)

The XML Resource Location Protocol (XRLP) is an up-to-date XML representation of resource location data that is well formed and has a strict DTD and can be processed using SAX or DOM models.

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