How Xlocate works: Vehicle and Resource tracking

Xlocate is a web-based vehicle tracking, resource location and asset management service that accepts location and status transmissions from a range of devices over several types of communications network and provides access to the data in real-time using a standard web browser.

  How it works - Diagram

Resources or devices are tracked using a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver which may be included in a dedicated vehicle tracking unit, a hand-held or mobile business radio or a Smartphone.

Different devices work either on national networks such as GPRS or TETRA or on local or regional networks such as business radio systems. Each of these different networks interface to the central Xlocate services via an Automantic Resource Location (ARL) gateway or an Xlocate Gateway (XGW). The ARL gateway and XGW gateways convert the data from the different networks and methods of communicating in to the common format used by Xlocate.

Irrespective of the types of devices and technologies in use, location and status updates are forwared to the Xlocate central servers where it is maintained in a high performance database and made available for viewing by your users connected over the Internet.

Xlocate employs the latest HTML5 specifications, Javascript, and high performance two-way messaging using WebSockets to implement state-of-the-art web-based programs that are as fast and as flexible as traditional applications installed locally on a PC, but without the complexity of software installation, support or ongoing maintenance costs.

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