What We Do

We do tracking... we track vehicles, resources, people, staff, assets and high value goods - using our extensive experiance of providing vehicle location and job despatch systems to the Emergency Services to provide best-in-class asset management solutions for a wide range of customers...

Vehicle Tracking

We can equip vehicles including cars, vans, lorries, motor bikes, busses, trains and more with high performance vehicle location devices to track their location in real-time, report status and monitor telemetry and other data inputs.

Resource Location

We can help locate your resources and ensure that you make better use of them by improving efficiency, reducing non-productive travel and avoiding un-authorised use.

Asset Tracking

If you have high value assets, high value goods, or specialist equipment we can track - examples include shipping containers, large earth moving machinery, large generating sets, portacabins and more...


Use standard reports for day-to-day operations or we can develop detailed reports to suit your particular needs.

Satellite Navigation & Job Despatch

We can add satellite navigation systems to vehicle based trackers to provide the ability to send locations direct to the SatNav and arrange pick-ups and drops.  Extend the system to full two-way messaging and mobile data.

Integration to back-office systems

We can connect your back-office systems to Live Feed from Xlocate so that your systems can receive location and status updates in real-time.

Custom and Bespoke Development

We can customise solutions or develop completely specialist systems for you. For example we have developed extensions to allow tempratue of perrishable goods to be monitored while in transit.

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Global Solution

Our tracking and location services cover the UK, Europe and World

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