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Fire and Rescue Services

Xlocate provides a low-cost and low-risk solution for tracking fire and rescue appliances, vehicles and officers, and can be supplied independently of national projects if required. Xlocate offers the following benefits to the Fire Service

  • National coverage using low-cost commercial GPRS networks
  • Xlocate direct support, or 2nd-line support through existing support arrangements
  • Integration with existing TETRA services, or fully independent of existing equipment if required
  • Provision of tracking services on a fixed-term contract as an interim solution

Fleet Requirements

UK Fire services are increasingly reliant on knowing the location of their assets in order to provide a continuous high level of service. This is particularly the case when working practice dictates that vehicles are no longer homed in a particular station, and may need to be mobilised whilst active on work away from the home location.

Xlocate provides the solution with

  • A range of cost-effective automatic all-in-one GPS/GPRS tracking units, built to industrial environmental standards
  • Supply and fit of pre-tested tracking units, or just supply for the service to self-install

Fire Officer Requirements

On-duty Fire Officers are also required to attend incidents for local command and control, liaison and recording purposes. Fire Officers may have to perform other duties as part of their wider role in the service, and so automatic location of duty officer's vehicles or smartphones is an important additional requirement.

Integration With Existing Command and Control

Fire and Rescue services run sophisticated control room applications to assist with dynamic deployment of resources to incidents in real-time. XLOCATE service includes secure direct access to all real-time asset location data using  open-standard APIs supported by the majority of specialist control room application suppliers.

  • Directly connect to the XLOCATE Data Service
  • Secure VPN access provision as standard, with resilience and encryption upgrades available if required
  • Uses a stable open standard protocol
  • Widely supported as standard by Emergency Service Sector CAD providers

Global Solution

Our tracking and location services cover the UK, Europe and World

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