Case Studies

Local Authorities and Councils

XLOCATE can help improve service and operational efficiency by adding vehicle and staff location to existing MPT1327 radio network, creating added value from in-use radio terminals, and needs no new network infrastructure.

  • Locate resources with radios from Tait, Team Simoco, Motorola and others
  • Uses existing MPT1327 radio networks, maintaining advantages of geographic coverage and low, fixed airtime rates

Vehicle Users

XLOCATE for MPT1327 vehicle users offers the significant benefits of AVL for local authorities and councils:

  • Monitor and compare vehicle operator performance to reduce fuel consumption and wasted travel
  • Run reports to analyse fleet operations, prove accountability to budget holders and public users
  • Warn of vehicle misuse outside normal working areas or normal working times
  • Reconcile and control working time and rest time

Workforce Location

Local Authority users share the general need to track mobile workers, for example parking attendants, whilst maintaining use of their MPT1327 radio network.

  • Track individual workers in real-time, separately or together with vehicle assets
  • Analyse staff performance and reduce work time wastage
  • Comply with Duty of Care requirements, including Lone Worker operations
  • Reconcile working time and rest time

Combined Technologies

Local Authority users may need to extend operations or supplement service beyond the capabilities of a particular MPT1327 network, Xlocate allows this in several ways:

  • Include staff location using Smartphones as well as or instead of radios
  • Supplement coverage in operational areas not well served by the MPT1327 network with additional GPRS service
  • Track vehicles and personnel using GPRS on a national basis for out-of-area operations

Global Solution

Our tracking and location services cover the UK, Europe and World

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