Key Features

Business Radio

XLOCATE works with location-aware* business radio including MPT1327 Trunked Radio, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), TETRA and APCO P25.

MPT1327 Trunk Radio

MPT1327/1343 systems have a Short Data Message (SDM2) facility that can be used to transmit location data over the control channel of the radio network.

Xlocate currently supports mobile radios and hand-portable radios from Tait and Team-Simoco that feature integrated GPS for location services.

Xlocate can also be used with the majority of MPT1327 radios that do not have their own GPS capability by connecting a Thorcom MCU500e GPS tracker in to the MAP27 expansion interface.


Xlocate can be used with both large and small TETRA networks including Motorola Dimetra-P, Motorola Dimetra-IP and EADS (formerly Nokia) national public safety networks as well as Damm Cellular, Rohill, Etelm, Selex and other networks.

On Motorola Dimetra-P networks Xlocate connects to the Motorola Short Data Router (SDR) via a Thorcom Automatic Resource Location (ARL) Gateway that provides support for hand-portable and mobile radios that use generic NMEA, Motorola Location Request-Response Protocol (LRRP) or ETSI Location Information Protocol (LIP) to specification TS 100 392-18-1.

The Motorola SDR interface in ARL gateway has been conformance tested for use on the Airwave network in the UK with Rev 5.5 through Rev 6.2 and has also been deployed on other Motorola networks.

* Location-aware business radio

Location-aware business radios are hand portable and mobile transceivers that contain either an integrated GPS receiver for positioning/location updates as a core part of the radio design or have a GPS receiver attached as an accessory - for example integrated into a fist-microphone.