Key Features

Modular and Expandable

Add status messaging, two-way messaging, satellite navigation and job despatch features to further increase productivity.

We have over 15 years in developing two-way mobile data messaging and job despatch solutions for the emergency services and integrating systems with satellite navigation.

Status messaging

Receive status messages such as "mobile to incident", "picked up at depot", "arrived at destination" so you know what your work-force are doing as well as where they are.

Two-way messaging

Send and receive text messages for example "Pickup at Depot 109 has been cancelled - Proceed to Depot 172 instead"

Job Despatch & Satellite Navigation

By combining a supported Garmin™ Satellite Navigation unit such as the Nuvi 1490T with a Thorcom® VLR200 vehicle tracker it is possible to send job details and associated location data to the SatNav in the vehicle allowing it to provide guidance to the location of the job.

Individual jobs can be managed or a whole day's work pattern can be scheduled allowing optimisation of journeys.