Key Features

Multiple Vendors

XLOCATE supports equipment from a range of manufacturers allowing operation of mixed fleets and avoiding "vendor lock-in".

Due to XLOCATE's unique design a customer's fleet can comprise different makes or models of equipment based on the same underlying technology or even different technologies.

For example a Fire Service may have a fleet of vehicles (fire tenders and officer's cars) on TETRA using Motorola MTM850 radios and Officer's with BlackBerry® 8900 Smartphones - these can be combined in to a single fleet.

A parcel delivery company may have a fleet of lorries and vans with VLR200 GPRS vehicle tracker units, managers with Android based smartphones and staff at a large depot using hand-portable (business radio) - these can be combined into a single fleet.

A Police Force may have first-generation TETRA radios with separate AVL units from Thorcom, APD or some other vendor and be upgrading to latest Sepura SRM3500/GPS TETRA radios with integrated AVL but at the same time have selected Motorola MPT850 radios for police officers - again all of these combinations can be supported.