Key Features

Smart Phones

XLOCATE for Smartphones allows location-aware mobile phones and Smartphones to be part of the XLOCATE resource management system by installing the XLOCATE application (or "app") on the device.

The XLOCATE application runs in background and transmits GPS location data to the XLOCATE central servers efficiently and securely based on a configurable operating profile stored within the application.

Transmissions can be carried over the default Internet APN programmed in to the phone by the network operator or via a private/corporate APN with appropriate network routing.

Location updates use the same "Intelligent AVL" processing used in Thorcom vehicle trackers to minimise data transmissions and maximise usefulness of the information sent.

XLOCATE for BlackBerry

XLOCATE application for BlackBerry® supports most devices with integral GPS and run OS 4.6 or OS 5.0.

XLOCATE for iPhone

Support is under development for Apple® iPhone® Smartphones - please contact us for further details.

XLOCATE for Android

Support is under development for Smartphones that are based on the Android™ operating system - please contact us for further details.