Partners & Resellers

Become an Xlocate Reseller

Xlocate services is provided both directly to end-user customers and via authorised Reseller/Partners such as business radio dealers, equipment manufacturers and network operators.

For Resellers

Xlocate has an attractive range of packages for business-to-business resellers that wish to provide their own customers with vehicle tracking, resource location and asset management solutions.

Resellers can:

  • Access back-office administration systems to set up, maintain and manage customers
  • Add/Delete/Edit resources on customer fleets
  • Re-configure units after de-installation/re-installation
  • Access billing information

through the "My Xlocate" management portal.

For more infomation

Please contact Simon Clifton, Sales Director, Thorcom Systems Limited to discuss opportunities for delivering Xlocate services to your customers.

Global Solution

Our tracking and location services cover the UK, Europe and World

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