Partners & Resellers

Network Operators

XLOCATE vehicle tracking, resource management and asset location works on a wide range of communications networks and technologies.

If you are a network operator or network service provider why not consider adding additional value to your systems with Xlocate...

GSM/3G Cellular Networks

Xlocate works over GPRS (packet data) with a range of locators and vehicle trackers as well as with supported Smart phones.


Xlocate works with TETRA infrastrcuture from Motorola (Dimetra-P, Dimertra-IP) as well as Damm Cellular, Rohill, ETELM and EADS and supports mobiles from Sepura, Morotola, EADS (Nokia), Teltronic, Cleartone and more...

MPT1327/1343 Trunk Radio

Xlocate works with infrastructure from Tait and Fylde Micro and with mobiles from Team Simoco, Tait and more...

Global Solution

Our tracking and location services cover the UK, Europe and World

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