Market Sectors

Haulage & Logistics

XLOCATE includes a wide range of vehicle trackers, and a range of specialist shipping container trackers, bringing Xlocate users the benefit of tracking on a world-wide scale from any desktop.

XLOCATE is suitable for a wide range of road transport vehicles from cars and vans, to HGV, trailers and containers.

XLOCATE brings the following benefits to the operator:

  • Increase fleet efficiency and reduce fuel costs
  • Provide improved security for mobile assets 
  • Delivers customer service improvements
  • Real-time vehicle location
  • On-line replay and comprehensive reporting

Further XLOCATE Fleet Operator Benefits

  • Reducing speed increases fuel efficiency - a 10 MPH reduction in top speed increases fuel efficiency by 20%. A small weekly fuel saving across a fleet of vehicles can result in large annual fuel cost reductions.
  • Limit Unauthorised User and Unnecessary Trips - employee off-route driving and non-business use of company vehicles is reduced.
  • Increase Driver Responsibility - ensuring drivers keep within speed limits results in fewer tickets, accidents and litigation
  • Increase Operational Savings - reconcile wage claims and ensure proper working hours, including rest breaks and overtime claims