Market Sectors

Traffic Warden

Local Government

Local Government providers have very significant mobile work forces to manage. Xlocate can help improve efficiency across a wide range of users, including:

  • Refuse collection for domestic and commercial premises
  • Recycling Services
  • Environmental Services
  • Road and Highways Maintenance
  • Social Care
  • Parking control
  • Street Cleaning

As well as helping authorities cost-effectively improve efficiency and responsiveness, Xlocate also assists with maintaining a duty of care, responsibilities towards Lone Workers, and proving compliance with the Working Time Directive.

Xlocate and Private Radio Systems

Many local authorities use self-provided radio networks to achieve reliable network coverage at a fixed cost. Xlocate is easily integrated into MPT1327 networks and the new digital equivalents, supporting a wide range of GPS-enabled mobiles and hand portables from Tait, Team Simoco, Motorola and other major manufacturers.

Integrates with National Networks

Xlocate users can easily mix location updates over a self-provided private network with updates over a GPRS network. Local Government users can make use of GPRS coverage through Xlocate to provide enhanced service in out of coverage areas, or locate staff members who do not normally carry a private mobile radio.