Market Sectors

Police Car

Emergency Services and Public Safety

Use the latest vehicle location, staff location and resource management techniques to know where your staff are, what they are doing and make best use of available resources.

Sector Specialists

Xlocate meets the resource location requirements for the following emergency service and public safety agencies:

  • Police forces
  • Fire & Rescue Services
  • Ambulance Trusts
  • Highways Agency
  • Environment Agency
  • Coastguard
  • Animal Protection (RSPCA etc)
  • Voluntary "First Responder" Organisations, eg. Community First Responders, Mountain Rescue

Works with Airwave

Xlocate supports TETRA and works with the Airwave network in the UK. Xlocate uses accredited components to provide the service and supports all GPS-enabled TETRA mobile and hand portables from major suppliers including Sepura, Motorola, EADS and Cleartone.

Works with GPRS

In addition to working with your TETRA terminals, you can mix and match with other technologies. These include a range of SmartPhones for officer location and non-TETRA trackers for vehicle location. Xlocate provides an App for Smartphones and can use the existing GPRS service. Vehicles trackers are supplied with bundled GPRS to offer a complete managed service.

Works with your Command and Control system

Xlocate provides a straightforward and secure method to interface existing control room applications into the Xlocate resource location service. Control room staff can then see Xlocate locations directly within CAD, as well as others being able to see Xlocate locations directly using Xlocate mapping.