Vehicle Tracking

XLOCATE supports a range of vehicle tracking units operating over several networks allowing you to select the most appropriate solution for your application - presented in a standard web browser

Workforce Location

XLOCATE allows you know the whereabouts of your staff using GPS-enabled radio terminals and with Apps that support a wide range of GPS-enabled Smartphones.

Control Room Integration

XLOCATE provides secure direct access to your fleet's location data using straightforward APIs supported by a range of 3rd party specialist control room application suppliers.

Job Despatch

XLOCATE enables users to track the location of resources and assets in real-time and jobs can be dynamically allocated to deliver the fastest response.

High Value Asset Location

XLOCATE enables users to monitor high-value assets, both in terms of asset utilisation and location, and through interfacing to a wide range of alarm and telemetry inputs.

Remote Monitoring

XLOCATE can be extended to provide monitoring of equipment or goods in transit such as temperature of perishable food stuffs or the condition of medical supplies.

Custom Solutions

XLOCATE is adaptable! We can work with you to customise our solutions to meet your requirements or develop a bespoke solution for you...