Workforce Location

XLOCATE allows you know the whereabouts of your entire mobile workforce by using GPS-enabled radio terminals, and with Apps that support a wide range of GPS-enabled Smartphones.

  • Track your people as well as your vehicle assets
  • View personal location with or without vehicle location at the same time
  • Analyse staff performance, reduce work time wastage
  • Comply with Duty of Care requirements
  • Reconcile working time and rest time

Supported Networks and Devices

Xlocate uses a wide range of different wireless technologies to provide a solution to most vehicle location requirements. Supported bearers include

  • Smartphones on GPRS
  • TETRA hand portables from Sepura, Motorola and EADS
  • GPS-enabled Radio hand portables (MPT1327 and Digital PMR) from Tait, Team Simoco and others