MPT1327 Trunked Radio

MPT1327 Trunked Radio systems provide both voice and data services and are used through out the world for for local and regional communications systems by public utilities, local authorities and the emergency services.

Xlocate and MPT1327

Xlocate supports mobile radios and hand-portable radios from Tait and Team-Simoco that feature integrated GPS for location services.

Xlocate can also be used with the majority of MPT1327 radios that do not have their own GPS capability by connecting a Thorcom MCU500e GPS tracker in to the MAP27 expansion interface

Mobile terminate connection

For smaller systems (typically 1-50 mobiles) a fixed mobile can be used to receive location updates for hand-portables and vehicles.

Xlocate connects to MPT1327 systems via the Xlocate Gateway (XGW) which is a PC based gateway that connects to a MPT1327 trunked radio via the MAP27 interface and connects to the Xlocate service via an Internet conenctio0n, eg. broadband.

Infrastructure connection

For larger county-wide or regional networks, or networks with larger number of subscribers an infrastrcuture connection is used to receive location data off the network and forward it to the Xlocate service in real-time - this reduces the load on the network as their is only one tradio transmission path (uplink) compared with tweo paths (uplink & downlink) associated with mobile terminated connections.

Infrastructure connections are implemened usingt eh PC based Xlocate Gateway (XGW). Currently connections to TaitNet are supported. Please enquire about support for other network infrastructure.

Global Solution

Our tracking and location services cover the UK, Europe and World

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